Who am I…

A little bit of information about me and my story so far

My name is Mike Canham. I am an HCPC registered Hearing Aid Audiologist and Ear Care Specialist with 10 years hands-on experience in the highly skilled profession of looking after ears and hearing.

I live in the beautiful village of Hockley in the beautiful county of Essex with my wife Jennie, our daughter Chloe and triplet sons, Joshua, Oliver and Elliot. I started my journey in Audiology after being prompted by Jennie, (who has been a private Audiologist for 20+ years). I took the plunge, trained hard and came out of it with my professional Audiology qualification.

I then worked for some large national and smaller independent hearing care providers, building upon my knowledge and understanding of caring for individuals’ ears.

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In 2020, our son, Joshua was unfortunately diagnosed with some medical difficulties. He is now under the ongoing care of the fabulous Great Ormond Street Hospital. This meant I could not carry-on working a normal ‘9-5’ due to the frequency of his appointments at GOSH. By this time, I was more than used to working with ears. Plus, I was fully trained and experienced in microsuction earwax removal, so I decided to start my own earwax removal service – Apex Hearing Health!

Doing this meant I was able to provide the residents of my home county of Essex with a service, that until now has been largely absent. Plus, it gave me the flexibility of being able to attend Joshua’s many hospital appointments, but still provide for my family.

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Always striving to improve

Furthering my professional knowledge.

In 2021 I attended the highly specialised Clearwax (Ltd) program in earwax removal. This training furthered my professional knowledge and understanding of what first class ear care looks like. In August 2021 I proudly received an accreditation by the very highly respected Mr Neel Raithatha (Consultant Audiologist) at Clearwax (Ltd) in ear care and earwax removal.

I look forward to meeting you on my travels….

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